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Corporate Seminars

Seminars are group gatherings based on a topic or a set of instructions organised by academic institution or commercial or professional organization. It is a major happening in the corporate sector to share knowledge among the group or out of the group. The contents around the arena is shared in various mediums which includes audio, video and picture demonstration.


Corporate Conferences

Conferences are events that happens with the base of the subject defining category, brand and theme. Most conferences happen between the members of the same company or likeminded group that interest’s in adaptation towards a field or a base. Categories are segregated based on related fields.

  • Arts
  • Business
  • Science
  • Test
  • Recreation education
  • Medical
  • Society
  • News
  • Reference
  • Law

Corporate Meetings

Corporate meetings are gatherings which involve people in various sectors to build business, network and knowledge base. Meetings are the major reason to build efficient business across the globe. Meetings create liveliness towards the goal and creates trust and bond between the prime members form an entity towards a business deal. The meetings are categorised into different levels based on the meaning and the set of personnel’s who form the objective. Here we come across some meetings which forms the trend and sense among the corporates.


Corporate Trade shows

Corporate trade shows are meant to connect with people exhibiting their latest product demonstration based on the purpose. Most companies get tangled in the trade shows to analyse the product and know more about the competitors. Featured trade shows are exclusive events that’s meant to audience of reach and beyond the target. The trade show forms a core identity of the brand product.


Team building events

Team Building Events are initiated gatherings to develop and motivate teams in companies and fields. Managing events with these regards goes inspiring since active participation of team members forms a thread that means a start of a team build set to reach one goal.


Business dinners

Business dinners are group gatherings are a Setout to share celebrations on an achieved milestone or a successful business start. Most gatherings involve a casual dinner experience with fine and dine food along with the expansion of business network. The business dinners represent the standard of achievement so does the venue, food and hospitalities.


Networking events

Networking Events are termed as personal marketing galas. These events set great opportunities between companies and professionals create contact establishment and personal marketing. Networking events are gatherings that display the signature element of the group that belongs to the same category to spread knowledge and share experiences that sets the quality and image of an entity to market their brand signature.


Opening ceremonies

Opening ceremonies are functional activities encompassing start conventions, annual meetings and other events that last for two or more days. these events form the base of start before any launch or festival that involves celebration, operations and market demand. most corporate focus on incorporating a grand element showcasing the start on a high note which enhances the brand value and event richness.


Product launches

Product Launches are the innovative keys to create demand for the effective market introduction of products. A flawless product demonstration increases the media coverage for the viewer attraction that highlights product quality and brand name. Most products are known for their brand name and the identity is showcased at the day of start.


Theme Parties

Theme Parties events vary from every perspective since the purpose is designed on a special topic.The themes are designed in a format best suited to incorporate the feel of the purpose or meaning. Popular events across corporates are casino nights & Halloween parties.


VIP Events

VIP events are group gatherings where important personnel of the company or various group co-ordinate to have a meet or join together for an event to increase customer loyalty. SKYCORP as a genuine planner works perfect in organising premium events for the VIP’S in the arena.


Award Ceremonies

Award ceremonies in corporates is a price of honour entitled to motivate a performer for his work in the organisation or an achievement in the relevant area. The performer is selected by a team of jury or team members in the senior level to retain members and add value to the employee for better understanding.


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